I could never understand the wide use of .co.uk. I always questioned why would anyone even register such domain when they could have chosen the top level domain. I would even see these being sold and made to DNJournal list.

A recent comment made to one of my other article pointed out the popularity of .co.uk, and it seems UK residents have gotten used to it. So I decided to look in to it.

So what’s wrong with this picture, why would companies/individuals go after a second level domain to begin with? Well, a Wikipedia article quickly answered the question for me.

It seems Nominet, UK’s naming body, is prohibiting the direct use of .uk cctld. They’ve come up with bunch of second level domains and companies/individuals have to select from the list. And it seems, .co.uk ( which stands for commercial use) won the popularity.

While I kind of understand that they did this to create more choices and keep the domains under .uk umbrella, I think it was a poor decision. This decision basically limited the use of the cctld only to UK as I don’t think anyone else would go for such a domain.

In the case of .co or .me or some of the other ccTlds, a lot of times they are being registered by non-residents hence creating more buzz/income for the cctld. Again, this might have been intentional to prevent such registrations, but again, I think the more sites launched on any ccTld the better. And having restrictions should not be the way to go. Even the residents or local companies a lot of times will turn away and use a gTld when there are too many restrictions and eventually it may kill .ccTld from no use.


I’d like to hear from UK residents, how do you like using .co.uk? wouldn’t you want it to be just .uk or you justify the restrictions?