I want to share with you the steps that I take to increase chances of selling a domain name.

This year, it seems most of my sells were to the end users and although I still sold some domains to domainers/resellers, going forward, I want to focus on End User only.

My definition of an End User is someone or a company who’s willing to pay in $x,xxx or above for a good domain name and not for a great one. They will pay as much because they’re going to actually use the domain, instead of keep it as investment or try to resell it.  Domainers usually will try to stay under $1000 when purchasing a domain, even if it may be worth $3000-$10000. And again, everyone has their own way of estimating a domain value or price. But tools like estibot is good for getting a figure.

In my case, I usually triple the estibot’s price when it comes to selling to end users.

This past year, I’ve sold many domains through GoDaddy. I’m starting to like their service even more. But if you think about it, it makes sense. GoDaddy is probably the most used site by the end users to register domains. End Users do not go to sedo or any of the other marketplaces usually, they head to GoDaddy and try to register a domain they want.

So what does GoDaddy do:

  1. You can list your domain in as Premium listing, which is free but what it does for you is that, if someone searches the exact domain name, it’ll tell the user that that’s a premium domain and they can purchase it for the price you’ve listed. Here is an example:

 2. Or even if they search something close to your domain, on the right side, it’ll still show up in premium listings tab.

 3. GoDaddy also has a service to help acquire a domain, which is great. If your domain is not in premium listings or not registered at GoDaddy, end users can use GoDaddy’s service to acquire your domain.

I’ve decided to take a few extra steps to help increase chances of selling to the end user.

  1. Don’t park your domain – with parking revenue down to pennies, it doesn’t even make sense to park anymore. When parked, it confuses the potential end user, and they think that there is already a site on the domain. Even if there is a for sale link, they may not see it or may not even want to go through the trouble, thinking it may be to expensive now since you have a site for it already.

Instead forward your domain to an empty page, with nothing but text that says domain is for sale and has an email to contact. Here is an example of one of my domains:

   2. Change your whois records – often some end users will click on “get more info” or something like that when searching a domain that’s unavailable. Which just brings up your whois records. So change your whois record and put words “domain 4 sale” somewhere, even if it’s in your email address. This will quickly tell the user that the domain is for sale and they will proceed with contacting you.

Hope this will help you to get more sales :)