Weekend is a great time to do some work. I can’t even remember when was the last time that I used the weekend to relax. If you’re like me and have a full time job, you have to use the weekends to work on your projects. Some may call me workaholic, but that’s me and I can’t change that.

Christmas – yes, Christmas is coming and I really do believe that it’s the best time of the year. I love all the joy, decorations, music and just overall, people seem to be more friendly.

Weather – Los Angeles is having a cold winter. I know I know, I shouldn’t be complaining as I know some of my readers live in places where they have actual winter with 0 degrees and snow. But I’ve just gotten really used to the warm weather in LA and it’s tough to adjust now. But it does have one upside, I get to stay home more, hence work more on the projects. By the way, at some point I want to meet all my readers from LA. If you’re from LA, feel free to post.

Part Time – If you don’t have the luxury of doing domaining full time, it’s ok, don’t feel bad. It really is one of very few industries where you can actually make it part time and working from home. My analogy is that don’t quite your job unless you’re making 5 times more than what you make at your job and it’s consistent for at least a couple of years. I know some people prefer to take a risk, but in this economy, the risk is just much bigger. While in my profession, it’s much easier to find a job, I’m still not taking that risk, not just yet.

TopDrops.com – I’ve been using nearly all my time on TopDrops.com, and it’s coming alone very nicely. It’s going to be my best creation yet. One of these days, I’m going to post a sneak peek url to give you guys a quick overview. By the way, I’ve expending it’s scope to include NameJet, SnapNames, Sedo, Pool, PendingDelete. I’ve already done a test run and it’s amazing as the kind of domains that I get to see. I’d buy most of them myself, lol.

Don’t Be A Stranger – while some bloggers care about the traffic and their advertisers, I care about my readers. Feel free to post/email, tell me what you’re working on. And if you’re close by, do let me know. By the way, I am going to the domaining meetup in LA, feel free to join us. I am not sure about the DomainFest yet.


Anyway, hope you’re having a great weekend :)