I went and saw the “one for the money” this weekend. Not sure why critic reviews were so poor for the movie as I really enjoyed it. It was really funny in an awkward kind of way. I like Katherine Heigl’s movies, she’s not the cutest actress, but her movies are great.

Well, as usual the weekend just goes by too fast. We need to find a way to slow down the time on the weekends, lol. In the ideal world, we would have 2 day work week and 5 day weekend. That would’ve been awesome.


Anyway, here is what’s going on with the projects.

TopDrops.com – I’m almost finished with the daily top 10 newsletter email, it’ll be done within next few days. I spent a lot of time tweaking html so that email looks right. It’s a little challenging as most email clients don’t support css links or javascript etc. See my recent post about this.

DigitsOfPi.com – if you remember, I picked up this domain recently. I only paid the reg fee for it. It was in TopDrops because it has over 5k exact searches. So I thought it’d be interesting to do a little experiment. I spent a few hours and put together a site for it. In the last few days I went back and applied some of the best SEO practices and now we’ll just wait and see if that helps. It is a though competing term because there are so many other sites with lots of unique content. But I want to see if exact much .com domain is going win over those other sites. Before the SEO update, it’s no where to be found on google and it’s on the 3rd page of bing for the exact match term.


ValueDrops.com – the usage and traffic keeps increasing on ValueDrops. Hopefully, I’ll get to working on phase 2 of the site soon. I understand why domainers love this though, I mean who wouldn’t want to get a good 2 word .com for $10 when possible. Although, with traffic increase, the competition increased as well and I’m seeing that a lot of domains are being backordered now.


DomainingAds.com – I picked up this domain a few months ago. It dropped and I think I only paid the godaddy backorder fee of $20. It was interesting how I got it. I thought of this idea that I had about domaining ads. And I even was ready to purchase it for a reasonable price. But I’ve made it kind of a process of mine to check on expiring domains for any idea that I come up with before checking the aftermarket. And to my surprise, it was set to be deleted literally within a few days of my search. Talk about timing. Anyway, it’s an interesting idea and I’m going to use it for myself for the moment. It’ll replace adsense in all my domain related sites. Although, the idea is not just adsense like platform, it has much more to it. I really want to test this out soon as I am tired of seeing adsense un-relative/low paying ads on my sites. I am seeing a lot of other bloggers/domaining sites suffer from this issue as well. And then there is the pain of managing your own direct advertising. Yes, it pays better, but it also takes a lot of time.


Domaining Meetup – the domaining meetup is tomorrow and I’m attending. It looks like this is going to be a big one, there are already 99 people attending at the time of writing this. It’s probably going to be the best meetup so far. Great timing on Morgan’s part as the domainfest is the day after and we’re going to have a lot of great domainers at the meetup as they’re already in town for the domainfest. I’m just hoping that the place is big enough for everyone, don’t think Morgan had anticipated for such a big turn out :)


My Picture – lol, I finally got around to post a picture of me on my blog. Although, I must say that I am one of those people who doesn’t like posting pictures/personal stuff on the net. I know I know, I probably chose the wrong profession, lol. Anyway, here is me :)

That’s it, hope you guys are having a great weekend.