Happy long weekend! I should take some time off, but there is just a lot to do. It’s been a long busy week with the launch of TopDrops, but it’s doing great so far. Here is an update on some of my projects.

TopDrops.com – well, there is just never ending work. There was a major issue with resolution, users with 1024 resolution were seeing a crappy site. Hopefully, that’s fixed now. TopDrops is doing great, I am seeing traffic to constantly going up.

However, as one of my readers pointed out that TopDrops is increasing market prices, which I think maybe true. But at the same time, hopefully it’s making it much easier to find great domains. But still I ant to take it out of Beta and make it a subscription service soon so it’s not public.

GoDaddy Auctions – I finally was able to find the GoDaddy’s feed. I am not sure why they’re making it so hard to find, unlike the other auction houses where there is a download page and it’s not hidden. At the end of the day, it’s benefiting them when tools like TopDrops come to market. But anyway, hopefully, I’ll be able to integrate GoDaddy’s feed this weekend. Once I do this, I plan on tightening the filters.

I have submitted TopDrops to the DomainFest PITCHfest Contest and I am hoping that they will select it to be as one of the finalists. After all it is a domainer tool. Although, I’d be kind of nervous if they did select it, lol.


ValueDrops.com – this is may next project to tackle. I want to do phase 2 of ValueDrops and it’s going to have some major changes. One of the major changes that I want to do is going to be that it’s going to send daily email on dropped domains that are available for hand register. Since the list will be emailed to everyone, I am hoping that it’ll create a little game where users rush to register before it’s gone :)


Top10Places.com – I haven’t talked about this site as much but it’s probably one of my most valued ones. The traffic rate is amazing but it sucks on earnings. Adsense just doesn’t cut it. I am planning on doing something I’ve never done before. That is to create a popup and ask visitor their email address like you see in other websites. A lot of marketing pros will say that this is the best way to monetize. I’m going to give it a try, it just needs some planning on what kind of emails to send once you have their email address.


Domainer MeetUp – as Morgan announced, there is a SoCal domainer meetup scheduled at the end of this month. I will be attending, if you are in LA or will be for domainfest, you should defiantly go. And if you’re there, please do come say hi.


on the side, I’m working on many other projects. I think, 2012 is going to be my most productive year. I am shooting for at least a dozen projects to be launched in 2012. Stay tuned.


that’s it, Hope you’re having a great weekend!