I’m having a great weekend, hope you are too. As always, I’m working on my projects and trying to shorten my to do list. I usually do go out in the evenings, so only have a few hours to get some work done. Here is a update on the projects I’m working on.

Movies – I love movies and have to see a new movie every week. I went and saw the new Mission Impossible yesterday. It was pretty good, although, I think Tom Cruise is getting old.

There is a scene of Sand Storm in the movie and I thought, SandStorm.com would be a great domain to have. I just checked and I was out of luck, it is first registered in 1998, DustStorm.com is registered in 2000. As I always say, good domainer never stops being a domainer. So anything you do, everywhere you go, always keep domaining in mind. That is how some of the great domains are discovered, even the ones that are still available to hand reg.


Back to the projects:

TopDrops.com – I am rushing to get this done. It’s coming along nicely but is taking a of time. I took a little different approach with this project. Those of you familiar with coding, I decided to go with new MVC framework for this project and there is some learning curve which slows down the progress. But I have put a 1 month deadline for myself, and I have to finish it on time. The demo is almost ready, so hang tight, I will give you a sneak peek within next few days.


ValueDrops.com – I keep getting great feedback on it and thank you all for that. Hopefully, when I’m done with TopDrops.com, I can go back and do a phase 2 on ValueDrops.


Ads – when I have some time, I’m going to remove all adsense ads form my domain related sites. I am very disappointed as they don’t even serve domain related ads and are a destruction. The funny thing is that I got so angry at one point that I looked up DomainingAds.com and guess what, it was expiring and I got it. It went on to my long list of projects. I do think that it will be an interesting project. Domaining is a very small and unique niche and we should have DomainingAds for it which will serve only domain related ads. This will great for the site owners as well as for the visitor to find new domain related products/services.


DomainParser.com – lately I’ve been getting a lot of interest in it. Those of you who are not familiar with it, it was a weekend project of mine. Go checkout what it does.  I have a limit of 100 domains at once and many users are interested to have unlimited version. I have made a promise to get that version out in around 2 months.

Top10Places.com – I’m going to try and redo the site in 2012. Make it a brand and destination for all travelers. Maybe even partner with the venues. I did get mid 5 figure offer on it but did not take it. I think it’s worth way more.

Experiment – I’m going to make time to do an experiment. It will most likely be domain development experiment, something that most of my readers can also do on their own. This is going to be very unique experiment, kind of like just develop once and put it out there to make few dollars for you. While brand development is great, it takes a lot of time/money. I still like small weekend projects that you spend time once and just put it out there with adsense. And no you can not have duplicate or junk content for this. And you don’t need killer .com domain either, in fact, I’m going to use .ME domain for this. I will give you some hints: go register city.me domain, city that you live in or is close by. I am not sure when I’ll get to this though.


I hope you are having a great weekend, and never give up on domaining :)