Hi everyone, hope you’re having a great weekend. We have a nice breezy/sunny weather here in LA. I like the fresh air, it’s not too cold so you can still seat outside and enjoy your coffee. It’s already January 8th, I can’t believe how fast the time is flying and tomorrow is a big day!

I think I’ve already mentioned that I am a movie fanatic and have to see a new movie in theaters every week. Hey now that I’m thinking about it, maybe I should start a movie fan site or a blog. lol, I just thought of this while writing, I think it’s going to go on my project list for 2012. Anyone has a great movie domain (2 word .com, please :) )?


Anyway,  I went and saw “The Sitter” on Friday, it was pretty good. I have to say I like Jonah Hill’s acting, he’s just hilarious. But what cut my eye was the new trailer of “21 Jump Street.” Jonah Hill is a co-star of that movie too and I couldn’t help to notice the guy has lost like 100 pounds. I say good for him, so if you’re new year resolution is to lose some weight, here is another inspiration for you.



Here is an update on the projects:


TopDrops.com – I am having a very busy weekend. As you all know I’ve scheduled to launch the BETA tomorrow. Today is my lost day to finish it up and just deploy it. It isn’t going to be completely finished, but will have enough for you guys to play with. This timeline thing is working well for me as I have to push myself real hard to complete it. I was never good at missing deadlines so this is a great way for me to stay focused.


Project is coming together very nicely, registration process is also complete. I just have to put some finishing touches on it. Make sure you check the site tomorrow and sign up as soon as you can. I may disable the signup if I get too many users as it’s not well tested yet. I am hoping that you guys can give me feedback or if you find a bug, please do let me know.


I really like how it turned out. TopDrops is something that I can just be proud to call my own. I hope you guys will like it.



DigitsOfPi.com – I picked up this name recently. I found it via TopDrops and it dropped from delete list. I was able to hand register it, that’s right, didn’t even backorder. While, it’s not a really a great domain, it has at least 5000 exact searches. That’s the reason I picked it up. I parked it at adsense for domains for a few weeks but only got very few visits. I wanted to test out if I’d get any type-in traffic with it before I put a site up. So I checked the stats today and was disappointed that I got almost no visits. So in the middle of my crazy day, I decided to build a quick site for it. You guys can check it out, it took me around 2 hours to put it together. While it is a mini-site, it has tons of pages, which is always my goal. I still haven’t really finished it up as I want to add some unique pi related content as well, so I haven’t even submitted it to search engines. But I’m hoping after it’s done maybe I can be positioned on 1st page of google for the term “Digits Of Pi” the exact term. And if it really has 5k searches, I should be able to get nice traffic to the site. I will keep you guys posted on how it turns out. It’s an interesting little experiment. I just changed the nameservers, so if it doesn’t load for you, give it sometime.