Hey guys, I’ve made a few changes to ValueDrops.com and wanted to share them with you. On the side note: I’ve been recently assigned as the Web Development Manager at my current job and this makes my time even more limited. I still do domaining and project building on the side, but it’s been hard to find time to blog as often as I’d like. As far as projects, I’m actually working on a complete domainer tool as I have discussed a few times before, I’ll tell you more about it in a few days.

Back to ValueDrops.com, it’s been great watching the site grow and it had gotten to a point where most of the good domains were being captured and only a few were being actually dropped and made available for hand reg. My initial vision for the site actually was to have more hand regs and to prove that there are still a lot of great domains that are being dropped and you don’t have to necessarily pay for backorder.

So now because of the huge user base, our fellow domainers simply backorder the ValueDrop domains as they know that these domains are much more valuable than the reg fee or even the backorder fee. But again, to bring back my vision for the site, I’ve made a few changes.


-        you will no longer be able to see today’s or tomorrow’s ValueDrops. Instead, you’ll see yesterday’s ValueDrops and the day before. This will give time for the actual drop to happen and then once it’s dropped, you can come to the site the next day and hand reg as many domains as you like.

-        Of course, this is going to create a race between ValueDrop users as to who can register the domains faster. But I think, I kind of like this. So the Game is ON :)

-        Membership – yes, the site still needs to make some money to keep it up. I’m in process of putting a membership in place and members will able to see Today’s and Tomorrow’s drops like they’re used to, so they can place their backorders before the drop and limit the public attention on the list to only the members. If you are interested in the membership, please drop me an email, if I have enough people interested, I’ll make this a priority.

-        Daily email list will now be top 20 dropped domains that are available for hand reg. If you haven’t singed up for the ValueDrops newsletter, be sure to do so.



This is, hope you guys are doing great :)