Hey guys, I finally took the time to develop the membership system for ValueDrops.com. It took me several months to get this done because of time constraints. But it’s here, you can register and get access to expiring domains on ValueDrops.com

I received a number of dozens of membership requests in the last few months and I thank every one of you for your continuous support and feedback. If it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t have taken the time to develop the membership system.


As you may know, ValueDrops.com does take a lot of server power/processing and unfortunately  I couldn’t keep it up without charging a small fee. The membership fee is $19.99/m and it gives you access to today’s and tomorrows expiring ValueDrop lists.


As a paid member, you can also monitor the status of the domain throughout the day and if it drops, you can hand register it on the spot. The server monitors the domains and updates the list on minute by minute bases.


Free membership still exists. These members will continue receiving daily domain lists from the day before. These domains are already dropped and you can register it on first come first serve bases. Again, this list goes out to all the member and I suggest that you grab the domain you like as soon as you can.


More features are to come. Feel free to send me any feedback that you may have.


Click Here To Register