Good morning, I wanted to give you a little update on ValueDrops. Those of you new to, it’s a tool that automatically filters the drop list on daily bases and shows the best dropping 2 word, .com domains. It also monitors the drop status throughout the day and shows the availability. So one can hand register a domain as soon as it’s dropped and is available to the public. And best of all it’s FREE to use at the moment.

To give you a little background, I initially built this tool for myself and kept it private for some time. As you all know, the expired/dropped market is the best place to find quality domains at the fraction of their price. The trouble is none of the drop services do quality filtering and good luck at finding the few good domains in a list of 60k+ daily drop list.

Yes, there are some third party tools that allow you to do your own filtering, but not only they charge monthly premiums but also, you have to do your own filtering. And trust me, even if you’re an advanced pro domainer, it isn’t fun to do your own filtering on daily bases, it gets boring after awhile. Not to mention, you will miss out on a lot of great domains if your filters aren’t set right.

This is how ValueDrops was born, I wanted a tool not to just find the top of the line domains that you can easily find with number of bids they get, but also, domains that I could easily flip for a few hundred dollars. And let’s face it, I didn’t even have to pay backorder fee because no one else is able to find these domains.  so I would hand register domains and I wouldn’t really care how much they sold for. I would be profitable no matter what.

After awhile, since there are thousands of great dropping domains, I couldn’t really handle it or keep it all to myself. I made it public and now it allows even a newbie domainer to find quality dropping domains.

ValueDrops has been out for more than a year, but I have not done any advertising for it. I just let people find it on their own. In the beginning, I was seeing a lot of great names being dropped, even in top 100, while only few were being captured (backordered).

Now, I’m happy to see that most of the domains on the first few pages are being backordered. This proves that my quality matrix really works. The site’s traffic has been rapidly increasing and we have hundreds of users signed up for the daily top 20 newsletter.

If you are new to domaining, I would strongly advise to use ValueDrops, even if you’re not buying any domains, it’ll give you a great idea as that what names are being backordered and what to look for when you go out to buy/register your own domains. Again, it’s FREE for now and there is nothing like it out there.

And let me tell you, while there hasn’t been much work done on the website itself, it takes hours and hours of server processing on the backend to generate this list on daily bases. Not only that, it does do a lot of filters, like trademark filters etc. Yes, it’s not 100% accurate, but it works most of the time.

I am starting the Planning for the phase 2 of the site. It will have some pro/paid services but I want to still keep the site free of charge for the basic usage.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to post them here.


Happy Friday!