In the domaining world, .ORG always wins. But which one would you choose when picking a domain for development. The answer is not that simple.

While it is true, .ORG domains are worth more for resale or if you want to keep them as assets. You can easily verify this by looking at past sales history. Some .org domains sale for thousands. But sometimes it makes sense to go with .US domain.


By the way, did you miss “” auction that ended today? lol, I found it via TopDrops, it was going for 7.5k at the time, not sure how much it sold for.


As you can see, .ORG do much better in auctions, I’m sure would have sold for less than the .ORG one.


So when should you choose .US over .ORG:

  1. .ORG is taken and you really want to build a site on the exact match domain
  2. Sometimes, .ORG doesn’t make sense as it stands for organization. Say you’re building some kind of ecommerce site or lead generation site, in some cases it just doesn’t feel right to go with .org domain. Again, think about the visitor, if it’s going to be misleading to the visitor, you probably shouldn’t choose .org domain
  3. .ORG is for sale but .US is available to register – if you’re building some kind of mini site, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to spend money initially to get a better domain. You can start with .US, the ultimate goal would be .COM anyway.
  4. US Only content – .US is the tld for USA and if your site is only going to have content specific to USA, it makes sense to use .US. An example would be tax law related content/site.



When should you choose .ORG over .US or sometimes even over .NET

  1. When you’re trying to build a brand – we are starting to see more brands built on .ORG domain because this is what the visitor expects. When they visit a .org domain, they want to see trustworthy site with unique and useful content.
  2. Reputation – again you’re building brand and organization and you want it to be known as the source for highly accurate content and information. Sometimes .ORG even wins .COM. A great example of this is Wikipedia uses .org even though they have the .com which still forwards to .org.
  3. Non Profit – for a non profit organization, it’s almost a must to go with .org domain. This is the norm and it makes sense.




With that said, I still like .US for development. They work nicely for some of my projects and I hand registered most of them. I think my first .us domain dates back to 2006.


I’ve also recently bought a few .US domains for development:,, I do plan on developing on these.



Happy Friday :)