I started working on the “Big Idea” this summer. I wrote a couple of posts on it back in June of this year. I even took time off from blogging to focus on the idea. The idea is still great. You can read my initial posts here and here.

So what was the idea? it’s Location Based Social Networking site that has a lot of cool and useful features. I know a number of startups are working on similar ideas, many have a team of people working on it. I can only say that my idea has at least 10 times more features than anything else that I’ve seen.

So yes, it got a bit overwhelming trying to create that myself. While I was focusing on creating a demo, version 1 application, it was still a giant undertaking. So after about 2-3 months of development, I put the project on hold. And it wasn’t because I was seeing a lot of other startups work on similar ideas, it was simply because it was too BIG. And kept getting bigger with more ideas, more features etc.

I was hoping to get investors on board, but after going to Startup LA conference, I didn’t even bother. This is because it seemed like even getting a small investment is a lot of work, and I’m just not cut out to go through that.  Sometimes it drives me nuts to see the kinds of questions that these investors ask and you better have an answer for them.

So project is on hold for now, but not dead. In fact, I’m confident that my idea is so unique and so good that I can go back to it after a year or two and it will still be a unique idea. And it has User Value – yes, I talked about this a little and it was going to be much more than a communication network.

But again, I know I can’t do it alone. So I’d need either a partner with large pockets or big network to get us there. Or plan B, work on one of my other ideas, make it successful and then come back to this idea once I can fund it on my own. And you already know, I don’t have a shortage on the idea department as I have 17 in my list. And yes, TopDrops.com is one, so I’ll cross that off when I launch TopDrops.

Those of you wandering what technology I used for this big idea, it’s combination of  ASP.NET/C#/MVC/MSSQL/JQuery/WebServices etc. I wanted to be ready for the big scale and easily adoptable to the big times. And I architected it from scratch with mobile deployment plans.

Domain NameLocalClub.com – I did buy the domain name for the big idea and paid in $x,xxx range. I still think it’s a great domain and fits nicely with the idea.

I do think that there is a lesson to be learned here as I’m seeing this trend with many who are trying to go in the startup route. If you have an amazing idea, but it’s just too big or hard to implement, avoid making it your priority. Still keep it in the list, but find an idea that’s easier to implement and has a greater chance at success. Once you have one successful project under your belt, things will be much easier, including funding.


I still haven’t lost hope and still think that one day, I’ll have the means to launch that great idea as it really deserves it chance to make a dent into the world of greatness.