First I want to applaud people behind .co registry as I think it’s the best marketed ccTld so far. The trouble is that it’s always going to confuse people and they’re going to go to the .com instead of .co. There was a funny moment on the radio the other day and I thought to share it.
I often listen to talk radio when driving home from work and it’s interesting that a lot of domain names are being mentioned on the air, either on the show or commercials. And it’s a little funny because as a domainer you can easily pickup the hidden messages that others would simply ignore.

The other day a guest speaker on the show was asked to share his website with on the air and the guy gave out a .co domain. Then, 5 seconds later, the radio host wanted to repeat the website address for the second time just in case people missed it. He remembered the website but not the .co part. So he asked the audience to visit (website name).com instead of .co. The guest speaker was quick to catch on it, and he corrected it and said that it was .co not .com.

Now for most, this is a simple honest mistake that anyone could have made. But I’m afraid that it might be happening more often then you think. If radio host who at least knows the difference, can easily make that mistake, imagine someone who has never even heard of .co is much likely to confuse it with .com.

Many may still disagree with me, but I still believe that brands should be created on .com. And sometimes I’m even ok with .org if it’s some kind of non-profit as it still clicks with people. But these days, I wouldn’t even choose .net for a brand as it sends a wrong message and of course, ccTlds are even worse.

Keep in mind, this does not mean that you can’t make money off of them. In fact, I think that some domainers make great money at the launch of the gltd because they can grab the top keyword domains.

But again, if you’re building a brand, go with .com. It’s ok if it’s not the greatest domain for your field. Sometimes, it’s ok to have a long name if your intend is for people to remember it.

I often hear a commercial advertising a mortgage and I believe the domain is If you take the pure domain value, many would think that it’s a worthless domain. But the company spends thousands if not millions advertising this domain and the reason is that it clicks with people, they’ll remember it.

So again, if you’re building a brand, be sure to select a quality, easy to remember domain, preferably .com