Hi guys, as most of you know I’ve been working on a biggest project/idea ever and wanted to post an update on the progress.  As you can see, I’ve changed the name and am now calling it “The Trillion Dollar Idea” as I strongly believe that it has the potential to be a trillion dollar company.

First I want to thank everyone for contacting me and wanting to help out, and I promise when, it’s ready to be shared with everyone, you’ll be the first to know.
For all those who have the means to invest or have the connections to get large VC rounds, please feel free to contact me.

Now back to the project:

I’ve been working on it like crazy for the past few months, but it’s no where even close to being ready even as a prototype or demo with 1% of the features. I have to admit, I am struggling as it’s a gigantic site and even the best developer in the world can’t do it alone. I’m just trying to get it to a demo state but even that alone is taking all of my free time.

The other trouble is that I’ve always been very high on coding quality and standards, and sometimes I do too much which is also slowing down the initial progress, but I am not just creating a demo, I’m creating the foundation for the full project. As a software architect, I am very picky as to how things are done, and even more so when it’s my own project.

I have to admit, if you look at most of my other sites, although many of them have great deal of functionality, they didn’t startup as a full blown project, they were my do quick kind of projects and some of them did grow overtime but I never spent the time to go back and re-architect them.

This one is different, I have to go through the full process on this one as it’s too big, can’t be done in parts.

For those of you familiar with technology, I’m using ASP.Net/JQuery/MSSQL/WebServices and architecting the system in way that it’ll be very easy to scale and launch on other devices and mobile phones with little work.

 And guys, the other crazy part is that the more I work on it, the more features/ideas I end-up coming up with, the more the idea/project grows. I know this isn’t necessarily a good thing as I will end-up with endless project. But it kind of gives me reassurance that this site will appeal to everyone, and it’ll be a big wow.

At the same time, I know most startups are now big on getting user feedback before doing too much development and I agree partially as sometimes users initially may reject an idea but as soon as it’s the next big news, everyone rushes in to join. But still, I am going to cut down on the implementation and only do the minimal for the demo as I think I’m running out of juice :)

At this point, I think it’s around 50% complete for the demo. I will try to post updates once in a while.
Again, I want to thank everyone for showing their interest.