Beta launched on Monday and it’s doing great so far. It didn’t have any major hiccups or bugs. The sign-up rate has exceeded my expectations. Thank you all for participating. Here is some updates on TopDrops and my today’s TopDrop picks.

I am very happy how this has turned out. My hard work and long hours have started paying off. The Beta sing-up rate has been amazing, I had over 100 user sign up in the last couple of days and had 1000s of pageviews which tells me that TopDrops doesn’t have any major bugs and it was a successful launch.


But my work is not done, I still have a lot to do. I made a few changes last couple of days:

  1. Added Snapnames Auctions as data source as well.
  2. Click on the domain will forward you to the auction page ( deep linking)
  3. Some other backend changes / minor bug fixes.
  4. Have contacted GoDaddy to grant me access to their auctions

To Do:

  1. Integrate GoDaddy auctions
  2. Daily Top Drops Email. All registered members will start getting Top 10 daily TopDrops emailed to them. Of course, there will be a way to unsubscribe.
  3. Ebay Auctions – maybe
  4. What’s Hot – there is a bar on top of TopDrops, I want to rotate the hot domains on the bar. I need to think more about this one though.



If you haven’t registered yet, go give it a try. It’s in Beta but fully functional. Keep in mind it’s not going to be free once it comes out of Beta.

And again, thank you all for participating. I’ve gotten number of emails with great feedback, thank you all for that.


My Today’s Picks from TopDrops: – over 6000 exact searches – over 5000 exact searches


hope you’re enjoying your day :)