Hi guys, if you have an account on TopDrops.com, you should have received your first daily Top 10 TopDrops email. I finally got around to finishing the email subscriptions. It was a long requested feature and now it’s done.

I still can’t believe the quality of the domains I see on TopDrops. Every time I go in there, I want to purchase them all, lol.

If you’re into expired domains, TopDrops.com should be your daily destination. There are a lot of great/amazing domains dropping and many go unnoticed.

This daily top 10 email will now make it easier to glance over the top dropping domains. But there are a few hundred daily Top Drops on the site and sorting algorithm isn’t all that great, so be sure to go through the rest of the Top Drops on daily bases.

Well, now that the email subscription is done, you know what’s next right? Well, yes, the free ride is almost over. I plan on integrating the subscription plan this week, which means this week may be the end of free use of TopDrops.com.


There will still be an option for a free account which will include the daily email.

So if you don’t have an account yet, be sure to sign up and use TopDrops.com as much as you can while it’s free.


Have a great day!