I’ve acquired TopDrops.com and you guessed it, I’m building another a site for the top drops. I’ve cracked a formula for exact match domains and making TopDrops to be the destination for top dropping domains.

You may already know that I built ValueDrops.com, which focuses on 2 word .com domains. It’s been a great experience and I appreciate all the feedback that you guys sent me. I know many do not like to comment and instead email me directly, which is fine. I do want to thank everyone for all the great feedback they sent on ValueDrops, which gives me the energy I need to build even better and greater things.

While ValueDrops does a great job at showing 2 word .coms on daily bases but it does not do exact match filter, that’s not its focus. There are a lot of 2 word .coms, that are not exact match but still worth a lot of money. And it does also have a lot of domains that are exact match, it just does not distinguish between them.

I got the idea of TopDrops from seeing the number of bids that some of the exact match domains get. I’ve also noticed that most of the exact match domains never get to the delete list, they get backordered in the PreRelease stage. That’s the stage where snapnames and namejet work with their partner registrars to get the names even before they get to the delete list. However, only a few have the ability or the means to find these domains. That’s going to change soon!

Exact match domains have become more popular as it’s easy to get top positioning for the keyword if you have the exact much .com domain.

TopDrops is going to be the destination for the top dropping domains. And it doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a beginner. It’s going to skip all the junk and show you the good stuff. Initially, it’s going to focus on PreRelease domains from NameJet and SnapNames. FREE – yes, I’m going to have some free daily lists. It will have low cost paid pro service as well.

I’ve picked this as my project for 1 Month Deadline Competition. So I have a lot of work to be done in a month.

Stay tuned.

If you want to be notified when it’s out, comment below. I may even have a beta period, so you may get a chance to have a the first pick at TopDrops.com