There are conferences in all major industries and there is a reason why they are so popular. Often times, some of the major deals are done at the conferences. It is also important to note that you shouldn’t just focus on conferences in your field.

If you have a startup or are building a website for a niche, you should research and see if that specific niche has conferences. Again, it may be a niche or industry that you don’t necessarily belong or have specialty in, but because you want to sale your product/service, conference would be a great way to meet the community and gain their trust.

Some professionals would never even talk to you on the phone or respond to your emails like lawyers or doctors, but if you are at one of their conferences, you’d have a lot of one-on-one time with a lot of these folks and be able to talk about your service. Even if they are not interested, they will listen and maybe even refer you to their colleagues. And in some of these industries, a referral is worth a great deal.

We all know that direct ads or leads pay much more than anything else. Conferences are great way to make these deals.

And a lot of times, you don’t even need to have the greatest site in the space to do this. Maybe you just have a directory site in a specific niche or lead generation site and want to be able to sale your leads. Attending a conference will give you a lot of connections and networking opportunities.

Don’t expect these conferences to be as fun as domining conferences :)

Special thanks to Braden Pollock from the meetup yesterday for bringing this up.

Of course we, domainers, have our own share of conferences and they are great. Today is the first day of DomainFest by the way.

And if you have a product/service for the domaining community you should defiantly go to some of the conferences.  It looks like, I might be able to make just one day of DomainFest, probably tomorrow. We’re really busy at work, couldn’t attend all 3 days.


And I love how sharing and social domainers are at the conferences or meetups. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie domainer or a pro. Everyone is willing to share their experience and maybe even some of their secrets.

I was at the domaining meetup yesterday and thanks to Morgan and Jason for putting together such an awesome meetup. I loved the location and defiantly was the best meetup we had so far. It was kind of a mini conference; we had around 100 people there and a lot of great speakers.

I had a chance to meet a lot of great domainers.

By the way, do spend a few bucks and get updated business cards. You’ll need a lot of these at the conferences. Don’t be like me, I had to use my old business cards that has web development stuff on it :) I give 5 stars to Michael Cyger from for having awesome business cards, with rounded corners and thick, almost like a credit card. I gotta talk to him and see where he’s getting his business cards from :)

I also want to give special thanks to u4rik for having great drinks. I loved it.

Also, our body Morgan took off his shirt and I mean literally. Ok Ok, he did have a T-Shirt under his shirt with his new company logo. He launched appraiso yesterday. Appraiso is a tool to appraise the value of a website. Go check it out.