Hi guys,

As you know I’ve gone into startup mode and thought it would be great to start going to some of the startup conferences and meet other startups.

Every new startup, big or small, does need to go through the same process and it is tremendously helpful to get feedback and insight from other successful startup founders. Although, I must say, that each startup is different and does need to take a unique path to success. Yes, there are many similarities, but it’s never step by step process, there is no such thing.

So I learned about The Startup Conference in Los Angeles, and decided to go. I had never been to one of these big conferences, so it was a great experience.

By the way, Morgan Linton was also there which was great. I had met Morgan a couple of times before at the domaining meetup, and he also gave me a lot of advise on blogging. So I do thank him for that, he just really is a great guy.

Back to the Conference:

There were number of great speakers, the organizer Alain Raynaud, did a great job at balancing and scheduling the topics/speakers. VC Mark Suster was there, which was great. Those of you that don’t know him, he runs a blog, http://www.bothsidesofthetable.com , he gives very valuable advise.

There were speeches from number of other successful startup founders on all aspects of the startup, from finding co-founders through building the product, getting funded and so on.

I also liked Jason Nazar’s speech. (Jason is the Co-Founder of Docstoc) And specifically his formula on building the product.

The points he covered:

A – Potential Upside
B – Likelihood of Success
C – Effort Involved
D – Strategic Value

His idea is to basically go through these steps for every new major feature of your product. As a developer myself, I completely agree with him. Developers spend so much time on less important features that they forget to focus on the core product and making the core product the best that it can be.
There were number of other great speeches:

Gabe Zichermann     – from Gamification Summit,
Zach James               – Co-Founder of MOVIECLIPS.com
Rebecca Woodcock – Co-Founder of CakeHealth
Gagan Biyani           – Co-founder of Udemy

I do thank all of them for sharing their stories.

I also enjoyed the session about the press release and building relationship with journalists.

This section was covered by:
Amanda Coolong
Brian Deagon, Investor’s Business Daily
Jennifer Wang, Entrepreneur Magazine

They did a great job at sharing some insights on process of getting media coverage and how to go about contacting and getting some media coverage. Although, my final take was that there is also a great deal of luck involved with being picked by media outlet.

Finally, I enjoyed the last section the most. The last section was where number of startups pitched their product to the investors. It was great to kind of see the process in real life and how to go about preparing for pitches. Somehow you never get the same vibe when you watch pre-recorded videos, being there makes all the difference. So I realized I have a lot of work a head of me. Nevertheless, I had a great time.

By the way, I’ve decided to continue with the blog posts and dedicate some of my time on Domaining as it really is a big hobby of mine.