Today I aquired a domain name that was my quickest deal so far. It only took 3 emails to negotiate the price, paid and pushed to my account within one day!

I even got the idea of the domain name yesterday and wasn’t even planning buying it as I was assuming the price would be too high. I looked up the whois and guy had for sale text on his email address. So I said what the heck, shoot him a quick email.

the whole email was:

“How much do you want for … Domain name.”

I got a reply within minutes, and guy wanted a reasonable amount. So I started negotiating the price and finally we agreed on it.

This was also first time that I got the domain pushed to my account before I paid for it. (I know you’d never do it, right) But, I had my phone # and told the guy will send the money as soon as he pushes the domain.

I got the domain and sent the money, all within 10 minutes and it’s done! Again, the whole process from start to finish, took less than 1 day.

While the domain doesn’t have huge searches or estibot value, it described my exact product, this is where all the valuation tools are useless.

I know you are wandering what the domain name was, I won’t tell you now, but to give you a hint, it’s going to be another Domaining Tool, that’s right. I will do a seperate post on it soon.

The good news is the technology is already developed. (this is probably the first time I have the product developed before I decide on the domain name). So you don’t have to wait too long, stay tuned!

The lesson here is that never hurts to try, don’t assume a price tag