I’ve noticed that more often than not, I look at domain whois to figure out if the domain is or may be for sale. In fact, last couple of my domain name acquisitions were mostly contributed by “Domain For Sale” text in their whois. The reason is that, it gives me more confidence to take the time and contact the domain owner and see if we can work out a deal. And I have found that domain owners with such text are more willing to negotiate the price than if you were to contact someone with no obvious intentions to sale the domain.

while, as domain owner, this may give you a little disadvantage on negotiation, I do think the interested parties will not hesitate to contact you about the domain name. This will lead to more sales.

So I thought, why not take a few minutes and do the same for my own domains that are for sale. It’s a simple process and should only take a few minutes. Many registrars allow you to do bulk edits by selecting multiple domain names and changing the contact info.

This was the case for me because I have a lot of domains with GoDaddy, and yes, their interface is pretty simple to use and do this change.

It is also important to note as to where you should put this text without causing any policy issues.

Here is a couple of options I came up with:

1. Create a new email address that has “DomainForSale” in it  and change these domains to have the contact info be pointed to that email address.

2. A kind of a hack – put “THIS DOMAIN IS FOR SALE” as your address 2 – most people don’t have address 2 and it’s kind of an empty place. Also, you don’t change your other whois info and still have all correct whois info. (Note: This may still be against the policy, be sure to read registrar/icann policies to make sure this is ok.)

there may be other ways, but these are the 2 options I liked.

again, take a few minutes to do this, you never know, this may lead to a great sale. Don’t forget, great sale happens when end user contacts you over you contacting them.