Huge percentage of dropping domains are trademark domains. Why isn’t there a trademark check when registering a domain name? And Why do people register such domains?

As you may know, I am the founder/developer of and part of the process is to filter through trademark domains. I can’t believe that a huge percentage of dropping domains are trademark domains. You’d think, people learn and next year we should have lower numbers in tm regs, but no, year after year, the volume in tm domains does not go down, I’d say it goes up.


What is a Trademark Domain?

For those who are new to domaining, Trademark Domains are those that contain a trademark in the domain name, example: (these were actually recently dropped).While words “Browser” or “Top” are not trademarks, words Google and iPhone are trademarks. You should not register such domains because the trademark owners can easily claim the domain and furthermore, they can file a lawsuit and claim damages.


My question is why do the registrars even allow these domains to be registered to begin with? I understand that it’s still business for them, but maybe ICANN can put in some mandates for registrars to at least put a warning and explain the user what it means to have a trademark in the domain name.


So who registers these trademark domains? If you think about it, they are early stage domainers. They do a search on google keyword tool and they see an exact match keyword domain that has high search volume and is available and they want to cash in on the traffic.


Then when it’s time to build a site, they quickly find out about the tm issues and project never goes anywhere. OR if they put a website up, tm holder quickly shots them down and I’m not even talking about the damages.


These people that register these domains not only damage their reputation, but I’d say that they also damage our reputation as domainers. I am sure you’ve heard of phrase “cyber-squatters” in the news before and often times people confuse cyber-squatters with domain investors because major news stations do not really talk about domaining or domainers.


So be sure to go through your portfolio and drop all tm domains and tell everyone you know about tm domains to prevent them from registering those as well.


And let’s hope that ICANN will put some mandates on tm domain registration sometime in the future.