I’ve noticed that 2011 is all about .com domain names. Most domainers/developers alike are more focused on obtaining .coms than ever before. The reason is simple, .com keeps increasing in value in much more rapitdly than any other tld(extension).

What is the reason you ask? Well, it’s simple really, .com is what most people know and by most people I mean the general public. If you’re building a brand, you need the .com. Not only the public will give you more credit and trust your site more if you have the .com, but it’ll also help you to close business deals.

That’s right, you are more likely to get direct advertising deals or just any type of paid clients when you have the .com. They will take you seriously.

I’ve developed many sites on non .com domains and some worked great, but I was never focused on creating brand or getting direct clients, adsense worked for the most part.

As you know 2011 is all about creating brands, creating destinations and sites that users do want to come back and those are the type of sites that will generate the most money.

Folks, this does not mean to go out and grab any crappy .com domain name. You actually have to purchase the domain name. Domain name must have exact search value of upwords of 1000 and be close to the niche that you’re building for, even great if it’s the category killer name for that niche.

How much should you pay? If you ask me, you should invest 70% of your development budget to the domain name. That’s right, it’s better to have a site with less features but great domain name than more features and domain with no traffic and no value.

So my advice, again stick to .com and high quality .coms and yes, pay for them.