Hi guys, I am excited to announce that I’ve started working on the biggest idea ever. I have come up with a lot of ideas over the years, but this is different, I strongly believe this one is going to be THE NEXT BIG THING, the next billion dollar company, the next  thing that everyone will talk about and rush to join in.

Folks, I am excited, real excited, the idea is great, it’s GENIUS, it’s what everyone needs. Yes, it is another social platform that will scale to millions. Yes, it’s my idea and it’s going to be my creation, my way of changing the world! 

I love it, I love it so much I’ve put everything else on hold, including domaining and my blog.

I am so confident in this idea that I am willing to put in my own money, I’m going to get an office and start working on it like crazy!

I’m going to focus on building a demo and do it as fast as I can. I can’t share the idea with anyone at this point, I want to build it out first and then let the world know.

Guys, this is big, I am very passionate about this project. But it is a GIANT project, a huge one, even for a demo.

I am going to need a lot of help, maybe not with building it, but with everything else, including promoting it. I’m going to eventually need a large VC funding.

I was looking at a few local VC firms and it seems, one of the things they ask for is a “business co-founder”, someone with great track record. Guys, I’m a programmer, software architect, although I have a very entrepreneurial spirit, I can’t call myself a business person.

So I am going to need a great business person, a co-founder with successful track record of raising VC capital. If this is you, contact me soon.

But if you are in Los Angeles, want to be part of the next giant empire, contact me as well. When this is out, I am going to need a lot of people to promote this, to let everyone know about it.

I may even decide to put this on kickstarter, so I may need all the help and support that I can get.

Guys, here is your opportunity to maybe be on time for once. Write a comment and let me know about you and I will email everyone when the demo is done.

I am sure you can tell how excited I am, it’s true. I often stop in the middle of writing code and have these visions of the system built and working.

So it begins, a new Startup of 2011, the next big thing in 2011, you won’t see much updates on the blog until I finish the demo version.

It’s going to be an interesting ride!