I’ve started seeing this trend more and more in all sorts of industries. I’ve seen this done by real estate agents, consultants, mortgage brokers, marketers, writers, lawyers so on. Sometimes, they are very successful and actually run ads on TV or radio and ask the viewers/listeners to visit their website which is their full name.

Sometimes it works well and they actually have a name that’s easy to remember/spell or it’s so common that you can’t really forget, ie: MikeSmith. But of course, a lot of those great domains are gone and now you’ll only be able to get .com of your name if you have an uncommon name. But wait, would you even want to base your business on your name when in fact you’d have to spell it out every time you tell someone? Answer is NO.

The other day there was an incident on the radio and it kind of proved my point. The host had invited a pro (can’t remember his name now, but that’s not important) and he talked about his services and so on. Eventually, the host asked him to share his website with the public. It was his full name, a veryyy long name. He said it out loud for a couple of times and went on spelling it for the next 20 seconds or so. Eventually, the host had to stop him and go to commercial. Now could he have said something more important in those 20 seconds? Sure, he just needed to have an easy to remember domain name that doesn’t need to be spelled out. I was kind of shocked because the guy makes good money and can easily afford to buy a great domain. And think about it, this was just one case, how many 20 seconds has he lost over the course of the business? I’d say many and not to mention the lost revenue.

So if you’re thinking about starting a business on your name/domain, I’d say think again, unless you have a common name and without spelling issues. It really is better to choose a 3 word .com and 2 word your name in most cases.