I often listen to the radio when I drive from or to work, and I would hear “Reputation Defender” commercial multiple times almost on daily bases. I always thought that it’s a great idea and it’ll be very useful to businesses as more and more customers move to online, to check reviews and learn about the company before they spend money with they buy/use their services/products.


However, I always thought “ReputationDefender.com” being very descriptive but is kind of a long domain name to type in and thought that company with all that advertising budget, could have done better job at selecting a domain name.

I guess they read my mind, recently, I heard the same commercial on radio, but this time, they stated to visit “Reputation.com”. I was surprised at the same time impressed that they possibly bought the best domain name for their service.

However, I read domain name news on daily bases and do not recall an article that mentioned the purchase price or even the purchase all together. This may have easily been a 7 figure sale as Reputation.com was a company before and was not a parked domain name.