Hey guys, so I’m having a fun week, building ReaderLine.com. What started out as a weekend project has taken over all my free time for the past several days. I haven’t watched a single TV show in all that time :)

So why did I do it? Well, as you all know that Google is killing Google Reader, which gave me the push to start this project. I had something like this in the back of my mind for a while but never took the time.

My original idea was a little different and now that I’m getting close to getting the first version out, I thought that it might be better to go back to my original idea, I need your help.

How about using this technology for a lot of other niche markets? I think our domaining industry has been pretty lucky to have a few news aggregators, like well our very own Domaining.com. I think a lot of other industries are missing this. There are a lot of bloggers in all sorts of industries but each industry needs a central destination to make it really easy for a newbie to get into.

My idea is to take a few great domains and turn them into industry destination. I have all the technology covered but I’m looking for partners with high end domains. While this can be done with any domain, I think category killer domain with a lot of type-ins will give it a kick-start.

So I’m looking for partners with the fallowing domains:

  1. One word, .com
  2. A lot of type-ins
  3. Industry category – (industry should have bloggers)
  4. Passion – you should have some passion for the industry as this may turn into a business.
  5. Domain value should be mid 5 figure and more
  6. Be open to partnership ( I’m not looking to lease or buy)

If you have such domains, contact me or post it here.