Hey guys, I’ve been working on ReaderLine.com as much as I can for the last few weeks. As you might know, it’s going to be an alternative to Google Reader. Yes, there are a lot of other options, but my vision is much bigger but I wanted to start with something similar to Google Reader as far as layout and basic functionality.

While, ReaderLine is still in early stages and probably has a very small subset of features found in Google Reader, it will work for the basic needs and still have a nice UI and very familiar layout.

Looking back, I probably wouldn’t have started had I known that it was going to be this complex. Creating an RSS reader is not hard, but creating a multi-user, cloud based, auto refreshing, scalable solution is no easy task.

Keep in mind that unlike others, my solution is not a plugin and users don’t have to install anything. It’s all cloud based and you can import your google subscriptions as well.

I have finally found the time to install newsletter subscription, just go to ReaderLine to subscribe.

I’ve set a hard date, April 29th for my version 1 closed BETA. If you want to be part of the BETA, go to ReaderLine and sign-up for the newsletter. I am looking for a few folks to play with ReaderLine and provide me feedback or report any bugs found.

When I started working on ReaderLine, it was more of a hobby weekend project. I really didn’t have any expectations. But I think sometimes, those are the best ideas. My idea was to build something with solid backend and still make it beautiful and user friendly.


Happy Friday everyone :)