Hi guys, hope you had a great weekend. I had an extremely busy weekend, didn’t have much time to work on the projects. But did manage to finally put a check-mark on one of the to do items for TopDrops.

I went and saw Haywire this weekend. Somehow it didn’t have that good of a reviews but I went to see it anyway. I think the acting was not bad, but director could have done a better job on the movie. Some scenes were super slow while others moved too quickly and music was just horrible.

What’s up with movie review sites? I couldn’t find one good movie review site. It used to be Fandango, now they changed their review system and most people click on “I’m in” or whatever, without actually giving review. That’s not really helpful.  It seems like I probably have to start my own review site. I just need a few movie fans.



TopDrops.com – finally finished GoDaddy Auctions Integration. Those of you that used TopDrops in the last few days might have noticed a lot of godaddy listings. Godaddy alone as like 100k domains per day in auctions. I think I might have to tighten up GoDaddy filters and take out higher priced private listings. I am glad it’s done though, now I can switch gears to some of the other items. I’m going to work on Daily Top 10 Email next. All BETA users will get 1 month free membership once TopDrops comes out of BETA. If you haven’t registered yet, make sure you go to TopDrops and register.

ValueDrops.com – I’m going to start phase 2 of ValueDrops pretty soon. I have a lot of great ideas for it. One of them being that it’s going to hide some of the domains and send an email at the end of the day of all the domains that dropped and are available for hand reg. It’ll be a little amusing to see users, rushing to register the domains once they get the email :)

Classified Ads – I have acquired a domain for a niche classified ads site. I think it’s a great niche and the domain is great too, 2 word .com with exact searches of around 3k. Although,  I usually am not focusing on the only exact match keyword when building out sites. I have one competitor in the field but that site is so ugly I don’t even want to spend a minute there. So I’m hoping that a nice/cool looking site will win over the users. It’s going to be an interesting one, I haven’t really done any classified ads sites of my own. It’s only at planning stages for now.

Geo Domain – I’m going to do an experiment with a Geo domain. If it works, maybe you guys can try it too. The key is that it has to be location close to you and you may have to spend a day doing some work there. I have got an exact match .me domain for this. I’ll tell you more once I get to it.


Hope you guys had a great weekend and now are ready to start the work week. And don’t be like me, spend some time to relax. I think I’m getting old though, I didn’t know the meaning of “tired,” now it’s starting to get to me :)

Have a great day!