Hey guys, hope you all had a great long weekend! I had a great thanksgiving weekend, but did take the time to also do some work on my projects :)

Here is a quick update on the projects:


ValueDrops.com – The new membership system is close to being done. I just need to do some last minute testing/fixes. As you all know ValueDrops does find some great domains on daily bases and also tracks their status. Guest users can no longer see the Value Drops that are still in pending stage. Membership will give you access to see/backorder the domains before they are dropped. Again, if you are interested in membership, be sure to drop me a line if you haven’t done so. Those that do, will get a special price when membership goes live.


TopDrops.com – well, I don’t talk about TopDrops much because I kind of like to keep it under the radar. It’s such a great tool, it just amazes me every time I look at the domains it finds. It uses very complex algorithm to find these great domains that have high exact search. And guys, it’s still FREE. But guess what, after I deploy the ValueDrops membership, my next project is to do the same for TopDrops. The good thing is that I have most of the code done already, so it shouldn’t take too much time.


DomainingCourse.com – yes, I acquired this domain some time ago and I am glad that I did because I have big plans with it. I want to create an interactive domaining course, and yes, I got the best domain for it :)   I already did some research and it looks like it’s going to be easier than I thought. There are already some scripts for creating courses so I don’t have to build this from scratch. Though, I do have to spend the time to actually create the course material.


LocalClub.com – well, this is my focus now. This is my startup and my baby. As you know, I’m going to AngelHack this weekend. I don’t know what to expect yet, but I have high hopes that it’s going to be great. To be honest, I am not expecting to win anything, it’s more for me to get into the zone and get as much done as possible within the given time period. I have been spending a lot of time on research and refining the idea. The idea itself is really big and it’s hard to put it into a single sentence which is what investors are looking for. But because I’m building the MVP (Minimum Viable Product),


I have narrowed it down to this: “LocalClub.com is like meetup.com but from a different angle and more social.” what do you think?