Hey guys, it’s been a very busy few months for me. I wanted to give you a few updates. As you know, I’ve always been about development and that is my main focus now. But I miss blogging, I’m going to try to squeeze time out of my 7/24 schedule to do more writing.

I’ve noticed 2012 is all about startups, you hear that term everywhere. Radio/TV/Online, everyone is talking about startups. All I can say is that it’s exciting times, especially, if you can be part of one.


TopDrops.com – I’ve switched gears and started implementing paypal payment integration for the site. I know I know, it socks, but the site is using a lot of server resources/money to keep the site up. The good news is that the site is constantly growing in userbase, hence the cost to run the site has increased as well. I do want to Thank all of you for being part of this live/beta and thank you all for sending me all the great feedback. I still really like how it’s turned out and I still can’t believe how well it does its job. So in a few days, it will turn into membership only/paid site.


digitsofpi.com – I know many of you still think that this is a crappy domain and I agree. I only got it to do an experiment and it’s funny how well it did. The term “digits of pi” has around 5k searches as I recall. I built a site for it, probably spent around 2 hours all together. I submitted it to search engines and that’s it. I haven’t done anything else. The first few months, it was nowhere to be found on Google, but hey, exact match domain does pay off in the long run. I think it’s on page 1 now, at least for me. The traffic has skyrocketed, I think I get around 50 users daily. Again, I don’t plan to do much else with it, it was just mean to be an experiment.


ValueDrops.com –  I haven’t  updated it in awhile, but it’s been doing pretty well. It’s still a great tool for finding deleting/expiring domains. One nice feature the site has is that it monitors the domains live and updates the site. So you can see domains dropped/available etc. I’ve been getting a lot of newsletter signups and very few drop offs.


UnusualAnimals.com – I really like this domain and think it has good potential. I installed a customized version of an open source classified ads script. Now, I need to do the marketing on it which is always the hard part for me :) if you guys have any suggestions, let me know.


XperiaForum.com – I’ve had this one for awhile. Probably, the only domain I own with TM issue, but since it’s a forum domain, it should be ok. I’m not really big with forums though, they need a lot of monitoring time which I don’t have. The site is on first page of google but I’ve closed the registration because I couldn’t keep up with spam issues. I’ve decided to put it on Flippa. I will let you know how it goes.


LocalClub – my startup :) this is my main focus this year. I want to put as much time as I can in it. But it is a huge site. I’ve been trying to fix my pitch on the idea but it’s so huge that I can’t fit it into one short sentence. I will do more posts on it to cover it in more detail. I spent a lot of time initially trying to get investors on board, learning about the process etc. Looking back, I think that time could have been used better on building the product.


That’s it for now, I hope all of you guys are doing well. Feel free to share the projects that you’re working on.