There are a lot of smaller domain registrars that don’t get as much coverage, yet, they provide a great service and prices. is a domain registrar that I’ve used even before GoDaddy.  I have a lot of domains with them and never had any issues.

They have a simple interface and powerful features.  You can do all the cool things including custom DNS entries.

What I also like is that they’re local to me; they’re in Torrance, CA which is close to Los Angeles. I’ve called them a couple of times and always got through within seconds.

But of course, what I love most about them is their pricing. They have great deals and give discounts when you have more domains with them. You can see the chart here: and what’s great is that you DON’T have to use coupons!

I set my domains on auto-renew and I don’t have to worry about the renewals. I think that is a great advantage.

GoDaddy is also great, but every time I need to renew a domain, I have to spend several minutes searching for coupons and trying them out just so I can get the regular price.

So what I do now is that I register domains at GoDaddy if I’m going to flip it because then I can list it at their Premium Domain listings. I still think it’s a great way to sell a domain; I’ve had a number of successful transactions simply by listing my domains there. But I wish GoDaddy was more domainer friendly.

I use Omnis if I know that I’m going to keep the domain and use it in one of my own projects.


just to be clear, this is Not a paid review.