Brainstorming is one of the most critical steps in development. This should be done prior the start of the development. Most developers (including me) sometimes try to skip this step and jump into the code, but it is proven me a number of times that it is crucial to understand the complete picture before building the site.

Some of you may already know from the previous article that I am building an ice skating website. It’s a new passion and hobby of mine. I want to take a minute and thank everyone of participating in the Help Me Choose a Domain poll. And clearly, was the winner and is going to be my choice.

My only concern for this domain was that it doesn’t have a lot of exact searches, but I’m betting on the related terms on this one.

And again, my focus for 2012 is to build user friendly and quality sites. Sites that have value to the user, I never liked the idea of mini-site and don’t think I ever will. I want to build a site that’s very useful and teaches the user on how to learn ice skating from A-Z.

By the way, I took my first ice skating lesson yesterday and I socked at it, lol. It was just terrifying to even stand on the ice, let alone skate. And I want to play hockey? huh? I’m going to try my best to learn ice skating ASAP.

I also want to note that, it is best when you have a passion about a certain subject. It’ll drive you to build a great site. So if you have different ideas and can’t decide which one to build, choose the one you’re most passionate about.

Ok, so let’s get into Brainstorming. Brainstorming is the process of identifying what features/pages the site will have. It could be as detailed as you want it to be. Again, because I am a beginner at ice skating, it’s easier for me to identify a lot of these because I’m going through it now and know what questions I have and need answers for. As part 1, I’ll only list the content portion to some extend as I see that this article is getting pretty long, lol. Brainstorming

General Ice Skating

-          Ice Skating History

-          Ice Skating vs Figure Skating

-          Figure Skating vs Hockey Skating

-          Is it too late to learn ice skating

-          Ice Skating for kids

-          Safety Precautions

-          Ice Skating Terms

-          Figure Skating Terms

-          Hockey Skating Terms

Ice Skating Equipment

-          Ice Skates, Hockey skates

-          Ice Skating Gear

-          Hockey Playing Gear

-          Ice Skating Safety equipment

-          Buying Ice Skates

-          Top Figure Skate Brands

-          Top Hockey Skate Brands

-          Which Figure Skates should you choose?

-          Where to buy skates and equipment?

-          Adjustable vs laces skates


Learning Ice Skating

-          Tying your ice skate laces

-          Getting on the ice

-          Ice Skating Beginner balance exercises

-          Taking steps or walking on the ice

-          Push and Gliding with one foot

-          Ice Skating Moves

-          Falling in ice skating


This is it so far, but brainstorming is continuous process that defines the required content and functionality of the site. This time around, I’m planning on have a complete map of the site before building it. Again, since I’m going through it now, it’s easier to come up with all the questions and concerns that beginners have, hence, making a very useful site for ice skating beginners. Apply some of these principles to your idea/project.

And next time, you want to do something crazy, think about applying your fresh learned knowledge to a new website :)