Those of you that don’t know Fedora, it’s a linux distribution from Red Hat. The new version incorporated GNOME 3 which combines a modern look with productivity.

I must say, I am not a big fan of Linux but Fedora does look very cool. It’s got a new sleek windows 7 like interface. I think Linux has come a long way to target the home users instead of the traditional computer gigs.

Now, back to the topic, what does this have to do with domaining?

Well, I happen to own a fedora domain name, and yes, I have phpbb running on it and it is on the first page of google.  And if you are kind of familiar with Linux, you’d know that it’s got a great community of gigs and those who love to help/answer questions on the forums and of course, you’d have to read a lot of forums to solve some of the issues or get help if you are a linux newbie. So potentially, it could be a great forums site with a lot of traffic.

So this was a great news for me to increase the value of that domain and website.

However, I’m not really into forums, never was and am not really interested in running a forum. Believe it or not, running a forum does take some work but it also has its rewards.

So what I decided to do is to put a big box on the home page that says that domain and website is for sale.

I think this recent news will drive a lot of traffic to the site and this is a great way to find end user, someone qualified run this forum site and make a good business out of it. I will keep you posted if I do end up selling it.

The lesson here is that, do keep your eye on the news and news related to your domains and use the opportunity to close a great deal.