I blogged about a recent domain acquisition and that a new domaining tool was soon to be released. Well, I just launched it a couple of days ago and that is DomainParser.com

The idea came along when I was going through huge list of domains and was trying to go through them as quick as possible. But having  huge list of all lowercase or all uppercase domains, it’s not easy to read the keywords in them and do it fast.

I kept asking myself, why won’t these people list the domains in more readable format, such as capitalizing the first letter of each word/keyword in the domain name. This will not only make the domain stand out better, but also make my job easier when I try to picture the domain.

Then recently, I downloaded my portfolio from godaddy and here you go again, all capital letters. So I said, enough, I’m going to make a tool that will take list of domains and parse them into more readable format, which is to capitalize first character of every word/keyword in the domain name.

While there maybe other tools online that do this, most of them are not free.

Yes, DomainParser.com is free at the moment and while it looks like a really simple website/tool, it actually does a lot of work in the background to do this for you. It may still have some bugs, but it will work most of the time.

It was also great to be able to buy this domain because it describes exactly what the tool does and is about.

You can also click on checkbox to show you the keywords with spaces and no extension. I plan on adding more features, but play with it and let me know how you like it.