I discovered a major glitch with NameScout’s system today and wanted to share with everyone. If you have a domain name registered at NameScout.com, you may be affected as well.

I was checking the traffic reports on some of my domains today and discovered that the traffic for one of my domains had dropped to zero. I hadn’t checked the traffic on this domain for at least a few months, and I am not sure how long this issue had been going on.

The domain name was: UnusualAnimals.com, I have even blogged about this domain here.

So I decided to dig into it more and see what is going on. While visiting the domain, I discovered that it’s some kind of parking page now. I thought, ok maybe I had accidently changed the name servers or maybe the site had been hacked because I don’t remember changing it to a parking page.

It took me sometime to figure out where the domain was, I had successfully backordered it via Pool.com and they used NameScout/CONDOMAINIUM as the registrar.

A simple whois search showed that domain name is now pointed to Pool.com’s name servers. See the picture below.

At this point I was a little suspicious, I really couldn’t recall that I used any kind of parking system on Pool.com. So I thought, maybe my domain was stolen.


After finally getting the details right for my NameScout account, I logged in and the domain is there and looks fine. So great I thought, at least I still have the domain.


I went into the details of the domain discovered the major glitch/bug, it still shows my original name servers there, see the picture below.


So what the heck? Somehow, either Pool.com or NameScout or something else, changed the actual name servers on the domain even though my account shows different name servers.

I don’t know how long this has been going on, and I advise everyone who has domain names with Pool/NameScout to check their domains and make sure they are still pointed to the intended name servers.

I have emailed their support, to me this is a major glitch that needs to be addressed ASAP. I am not sure if this is just my domain or system-wide issue.

The good news for me was that I only had this one domain with them. They might be able to fix the issue soon but I’ve already done a transfer request on it. I can’t trust their system anymore.

Again, I am hoping that it was just me and no one else is affected, but wanted to share this with everyone as it might be system-wide. And I know that this has been going on for awhile as my domain has been dropped out of goolge’s index. If you find similar issue with any of your domains, please comment below.