I’m seeing some great domains, wanted to share a few with you. Now with GoDaddy Auctions, there are more domains to go through.

I had a bit of dilemma this weekend with my Apple Tv 2 box. I am not a diehard apple fan but I do have a few apple gadgets, including iphone. One thing I love about Apple is how they integrate their devices and software with each other without much work. I needed a Netflix box, there were a few options, then I noticed the new ATV 2 has Netflix so I went with it. It’s been great so far, but weekend it gave me a bit of trouble. It asked to update the software and I did, then it kept on rebooting. This isn’t like Apple, they usually test their stuff, so I spent some time and finally was able to restore it via mac-mini that I have. The funny thing is that windows wouldn’t recognize it, so I had to do it on the mac. I know I know, I could have taken it to apple store, but I don’t have that kind of time.


Anyway back to the names


Lover.net – I really like this one. I bet someone would be willing to pay big $$ at some point to make this a gift for their lover, lol.

Congratulations.net – how about a site to congratulate people you know, not sure if something like that already exists. But would be a cool idea.

PetSupplies.info – great keywords.

FirefighterCostume.com – would be great affiliate site.

HtmlSymbols.com – people are still searching for this.

TypingLessons.net – over 25k searches, great keywords. Would be great for typing site.

DigitalWatches.net – I think the most amazing digital watches are still to be invented. This would be great even for long term investment.

Compensated.net – nice single word domain.


TexasCPA.net – tax season is here.


well, there are just too many to list. Go take a look at TopDrops, make sure you login for full functionality.