I have to stop looking at TopDrops. I can’t afford to spend that much money at the auctions. Every time I go through the list, there is always something I want to buy. Anyway, hope you guys are having a great Friday, take a look at some of my picks for today.

I’ve had a busy week, haven’t been able to do much work lately.

DomainFest is next week, I’m still not sure if I’m going to be able to make it. But I am going to the Domaining meetup on Monday. I would like to go at least one day of DomainFest though, somehow the idea of having 700 domainers in one place seems cool.


Here is today’s list: ( I see some great .me domains – you have to hurry up though, only a few minutes left on the clock)

CCorporation.com – would be great for comp filing company.

MadonnaSongs.com – if you are a Madonna fan, here is a great domain for you.

OutdoorPaint.com – well, with so much fixer up homes out there, paint demand should be pretty high.








That’s it, happy Friday.