Sometimes I like to set aside my regular projects and work on something fresh, especially if it’s a quick yet challenging project. Yesterday was one of those days and I spent a few hours to put together a tool that I need myself and maybe it’ll be useful for others too.

Let me give you a little background. I watch real estate market and sometimes individual properties a lot and what happens when a property goes off market is that it disappears from the list. So unless I had the address saved, it becomes hard to find the exact address just in case I want to check the details on that transaction.

The upside is that I know the property on the map, but all the map tools out there work the other way, you need to know the address to zero in on the property. So what seems like a small feature, to be able to click on the property on the map and see the address, became an annoying task every-time I had to do this.

Now  a few years ago, there was a site that allowed me to do this. But guess what, I forgot which site it was, I spent an hour researching, still couldn’t find it. Maybe it’s not online anymore.

So at this point, I said what the hell, let’s just build it. After a quick research, I found out the Google Map api already provides a feature called Reverse Geocoding. So, I got excited and a few hours later, it was done and working.

I used one of my existing domains for this, – check it out.

As an extra step, I’ve linked the property address to redfin which is real estate site I like to use. This way, you can quickly find out the property details.