I picked up a domain that I really liked at an auction a few months ago, but didn’t get a chance to do anything about it until now. I finally found some time to do a little research and find a script that I could use for the site.

In a post from a few days ago, I listed the few limited options that we have when choosing an open source classified ads script. I actually had to install and try them all before I could make up my mind.

I really wanted to go with DClassifieds script which has the best framework, but after installing and playing with it, I noticed that it’s locking a few critical features that I wanted. The major one was user login, otherwise, I would have chosen that over the others.

I finally decided to go with OSClass, which has the most features. I’m not really happy with the architecture of the code but I just have to stick with it for now. I still had to do a lot of modifications to get it close to my vision and I’m still not done.  But again, it has the most comprehensive features which is always a plus.

The first version is up, take a look and let me know how you like it :)


Of course, getting a site up is only the first step. Getting the users to submit ads will take much more work.