I put up a listing on Flippa for one of my sites that I didn’t have interest in keeping. It’s a forum site and I’m not much of a forum runner. In fact, I’ve disabled all registrations to avoid spending time on managing the forum/spam.

The site is XperiaForum.com, with so many Sony smartphones and a new tablet coming out with that name, this should be a great forum site for someone who likes to run forums.  A lot of the work has been done and site is already on first page of google (it’s been there for a while) for the main keyword.

Interestingly enough, it’s gotten 14 bids so far. I wasn’t really expecting that many bids. But I didn’t have reserve and started at $1 so it can get some bids. ( I learned this tip from one of the advanced flippa users)

But wait, the listing fee along is something like $40 -$50, the basic listing is $29 and then you pay action success fee. I do think the listing price is ridiculously high. The price is at $75 now, and if it were to end at $75, it would mean, they’d be taking something like 50%-60% of the sold price. I am not sure if they can sustain that business model.

There are only a few hours left for the action to end and as with any action, people usually wait for the last minute to increase their bids. I’ve heard this to be true with Flippa too. So I’m curious to see if that’d happen with this action as well.