Hey guys, I’ve listed one of my sites on Flippa a couples of days ago and wanted to share the process. I’ve never used Flippa before but heard lots of good things about them, so I decided to give it a try.

The site is website: XperiaForum.com and here is the listing.


I am not much of a website flipper as I don’t like selling websites once I spent the time building it. In this case though, it was a little different.


Although, I have spent some time customizing a template for phpBB, I haven’t really built it. I simply installed phpBB which is an open source forum script.


However, I don’t have much experience with forums, but what I can tell you is that it takes a lot of time to run one. The went online sometime in 2008 and initially it was getting a good amount of traffic, but then I started getting a lot of spam. Although, I configured most of the spam controls, I still got some and those you have to control manually.


So after awhile, I shut down all registrations and the site just sat there. I still think that it has good potential for someone with a lot of forum experience as it’s a great domain and is already on the first page of google for the term “Xperia Forum”.


This is probably the only domain/website I have that contains TM and I got it before getting into domaining. Although, the only exception to the trade mark rule that I have is forum sites. I don’t think I can recall any TM case for a forum domain. That’s because company also benefits from the forum as it acts as a form of support for their users.


Now about Flippa – so far so good. It took me around 20 minutes to register and put the listing up. I didn’t even put any reserve on it and it started at $1. I already have 2 bids.


Flippa does have all the features that you can ask for. It is a great platform. I got the 2 bids within an hour of listing. The trouble is just like other sites with huge listings, it suffers from having too many listing and your listing gets lost in there.


They have a New Listings button which helps to see the new listings. But after your listing is no longer there, it’s harder to find. My guess is that I’ll get more eyes on it at the end of the action. But, we’ll see how it turns out.