Hi guys, as you all know parking is dying. I used to make a few pennies here and there with Google’s adsense for domains but now that’s gone. I tried a few other parking sites and they just can’t compare with Google’s in terms of revenue. So instead, I decided to build a few dozen content sites.

I usually don’t like mini-sites but if I’m going to hold-on to these domains, it’d be better to have some revenue coming in as well. And by the way, my mini-sites are probably a lot different from regular mini-sites in that they have to have at least 50-100 unique pages or articles. So technically, they are not really that small.

Yes, I do have to pay for the articles but I think I can make the money back shortly after.  I usually go after low priced articles due to limited budget. But I do want a lot of them , 50 or more per site.

So once I knew what my goal was, I started thinking about the platform/website side of things. My needs are a little different. I want one platform to manage all domains and content. The reason is because if I install a wordpress site per domain, the database will be huge, it creates something like 10 tables and if you multiply that by say 100 sites I want to build, it’ll easily get out of control and even crash my server.

So my solution is a Multi-Domain CMS – content management system. While, there are some plugins here and there but I still haven’t found a system that was engineered from scratch to support multi-domain/website.  And plugins can only do so much.

And for this to make sense, I can’t spend a lot of time managing or even setting up domains/websites. So this is the worst part of being a developer, now I want to build this system from scratch. I’ve already started working on it actually.

Here is what my goal is:

  1. One Admin to manage all domains / content
  2. Be able to install different  themes/templates per domain.
  3. Make it easy to convert any wordpress theme into the new format, so I can take themes  from wordpress  and apply to the system.
  4. Website level menus, pages, etc. With some dynamic menus as well.
  5. Data Import – this is actually the most important part. I usually want the content in one excel/csv file, say it will have 2 columns: tile, content. Then I can go to the import tool, upload the excel file and site is done.
  6. Minimize new site setup – again the whole goal of the system is to save me time and system resources and also be able to manage everything in one place.


Let me know what you guys think, or if you have any suggestions or feedback on the idea.  Thanks.