I’ve been crazy busy at work this week as we’re launching a new product. I haven’t had much time to do my posts. In the middle of all this, my server went down. Fortunately, it hacking issue or anything like that, my server simply run out of space.

I’m usually a Windows guy when it comes to my personal computer, but I do love Linux based servers. This is because they are low maintenance and don’t go down as often. I am very lazy when it comes to server maintenance, hence I chose linux server.


Of course, not mainlining your server on regular bases creates a bigger issue down the line. In my case, it simply ran out of disk space and killed some processes. But what was worse is that it corrupted some database files and I went nuts.


I know, I should know better and do regular backups right? Well, I get lazy with backups too.


If you are regular visitor of one of my sites, you may have noticed some errors in the last few days.


after spending a few hours on it, fortunately, I was able to recover  the files. It was a huge relief. It even had damaged TopDrops database.


So my advice is that you take a few minutes per month to do some regular checkups and log checks to make sure there aren’t any major upcoming issues. More importantly, do take regular backups even if it means to save them to your old computer.


I’ve yet to find a good backup solution for databases on a low budget. Database backup is even tougher because it’s constantly changing if you have a large databases, it’s hard to do incremental backups without special software/service.


Happy Friday everyone!