Hi guys, I hope everyone is doing great with domains :) I’ve been very busy lately, haven’t been able to post much. But hopefully I can free up soon.

There is a lot of buzz in domain industry and I am seeing many articles related to the domains and the new gTlds and these articles are from top known news sites and a lot of times are positioned on top of the google results for technology news. I think this is great as it’ll give domains more exposure, hence more business for us.

My predication is that .com prices will continue increasing as we get close to having dozens of new gTlds. So I think it’s a great time to be a domainer and invest in .coms.



One of my readers sent me a huge list of questions and I thought, it’d be better to do a post and answer the questions here as I am sure that others are looking for answers as well.

So here it goes:

“1).Are there various tools available from google for checking search volume (monthly searches) I’m thinking in terms of locating a tool that displays ‘exact match’ results and what about CPC as well?”

-        the best tool for checking the exact match search as well as CPC still remains “Google Keyword Tool”

-        the trick is that you have to select “exact match” as the filter and uncheck the other boxes so that it only returns exact match results.

-        The other trick is sometimes CPC column doesn’t display by default, you’d have to add it there and if I recall correctly, you may need to be registered user to have more options, ie CPC.


“2). What is the most important factor for determining whether an expired domain has (type-in) traffic?”

There is no guaranteed way or just one important factor but here is what you can look for:

-        Exact match search – this is one of the easy ones but hard to come by. You can try TopDrops.com for this.

-        High traffic sites on other tlds of the same domain – if the domain has a .net site with high traffic, if you can secure the .com, almost certainly you will get some leaked traffic.

-        Dictionary words / trends – this is kind of given, but again hard to come by.

-        Prior site – some expired domains had great sites before and a lot of backlinks, these will bring you plenty of traffic.


“3).When browsing a list of expiring/expired domains I’d like to easily be able to distinguish/determine & spot which domain names to target that has resale potential, how is this gauged?”

- again, this is probably one of the most difficult to answer questions as there is no easy or one way.

- If you want to play it safe, here are some rules that I have for myself.

1) .com only

2) 2-3 dictionary word max (most of the time just 2)

3) exact search – it has to have some exact search ( 200+) and a lot more global search

4) Potential – this is a hard one as there is no scientific way. You have to search and understand the business potential of the domain, with enough capital can the domain you run a multimillion dollar business on it? Will it be a unique asset to the business or you can easily choose another domain for that same business?

5) Estibot price – not really that important but it gives you a quick idea.

6) there are dozens of other factors but it comes down to research and understanding domain quality. And also keep in mind that it’s better to have 1000 good domains than 1 great domain. Yes, some will argue the opposite, but my point is that you should learn from the best and from people who are making a living with domains and you’ll see that they all have thousands of domains and this is how they increase their chances of getting regular offers. But again, don’t even go there until you are a pro and understand domain quality to minimize your risk.


4). “Are you capable of revealing the insider secrets to the domain name industry as I sense the ‘big boys’ are running this on autopilot-In order to simplify a rather complex industry how is success measured, what are the secrets behind these guys success of seemingly being able to repeat the process time and time again of getting ahead of the game leaving the rest of us stranded?”

- there are no real secrets. Yes, everyone kind of tries to find their niche but there is no secret. They all use the tools that are available to everyone. Yes, some may have additional tools but you can still do pretty good with tools available. I built a couple of tools myself, ValueDrops.com and TopDrops.com, they are FREE for the moment and you have no excuse not to heavily use them. They do save a lot of time. They will not stay free for long though :)


5). “How easy is it to set up a website for redirecting targeted type-in traffic from expired domain names towards, and can this be done in a cost efficient manor (virtually free of charge) (http://www.cyberindian.com/5-easy-steps-to-redirect-traffic-to-your-website.php )”

- redirecting domains to different site is pretty easy and your hosting provider will provide the functionality. There are several ways to redirect to different site, ei using javascript document.location or it could be on DNS level. Yes, it’s free and if you have hosting, it will be more flexible. But you do have to manage the redirection as far where the destination is.


“6. I’m no technie geek but what type of website is Mr.Siaci referring to & what about a landing page?”

- not sure what he’s talking about but if you need a landing page, you can have one. You can even have a dynamic one, I even wrote a post on it, see here. You can setup different landing pages such as for sale page or lead gen page, etc.




I hope these answers were sufficient and will help you in your domaining journey :)