I remember when I was starting up in domaining, I used to be the same way. We all have done it, we all have registered junk names at one point. No one is born a domainer or understands domain quality when they’re just starting up.

I know the feeling when you first get into domaining. You think it’s great, it’s something you can do and you don’t have to quite your day job. Everyone is telling you how easy it is and it’s so cheap to start. I mean it costs less than $10 to register a domain. And you look at the sales history and you think it’s great. You can take the $10 and flip it and make great profit.

The bottom line you think you’ve found hidden gold, which I think is true :)

But the trouble is when you’re just starting, it’s like gambling and addiction. You register 1 domain and then 5 other and then 10 other and before you know it, you have more than 100 domains. And now you think that you’re a domainer.

In the mean time, you start reading more blogs and learning more about domains. But now you want to sell your domains. So you go and download your list and start going through it. I am sure, now that you’ve gained some knowledge, more than half of that list even looks junk in your eyes.

But you go, hey I still want to sell these. So you start the selling process and posting the forums, blogs, sending emails etc.

But there is a problem. Now you’ll come off as a spammer as many who are looking to buy domains, can easily tell the quality. And here you are trying to sell them garbage. This now has the opposite effect, not only they won’t buy those names but mark you as a spammer and never want to deal with you again.

So here is my advice, It’s OK to let go. If you’re just starting up and if even you don’t like your domains, I can assure you that others won’t either. Do not focus on junk, don’t spend your energy and time selling junk, it will work against you and your reputation.

So when email about your domain, never email a list of domains even if you think there is 1 in the list that’s great.

Always focus on your best domain, don’t even bother sending or posting those other domains anywhere. Don’t tie those domains to your name.

Take your best domain and do more research. Make sure it really has the quality it takes to be flipped. If it doesn’t, again, don’t bother. Go register/buy a new domain that actually can be flipped, but this time do your research beforehand.

Again, let go those crappy domains, let them drop, do not renew. Don’t let them to drag you down with them. Domaining is a business and you have to make a business decision and not one from your gut. Your decision must be backed by proof and logic.

Happy Friday :)