So I won a case on a speeding ticket :)   and it wasn’t just speeding, it was speeding and tailgating, a dual ticket and I’m guessing it would’ve been 2 points. I remember that I was really mad/upset when I got the ticket as I really felt like I was not guilty.What happened was that I got on the freeway and on to the first (fast) lane and the idiot in front of me was going under 60 on 65mph zone. It just drives me nuts. So when I got a little closer, I just changed my lane and passed him, then I was pulled over.

Yes, I drive a Porsche but I also have a digital speedometer and know when I’m speeding and this wasn’t the case. I immediately asked the officer to show me the radar, well of course, he didn’t have it. But the fact remains that it’s hard to prove that you’re right, he can say he was pacing or visually estimating.


I usually don’t have time to go court, so on, but this was a principal matter for me, I was ready to take it all the way, even if that meant appealing had I lost the case.  But I do recommend everyone to go to the court. There are a lot of advantages for this. And in most cases, you can still ask for a traffic school if you lose. I remember, last time I didn’t go because I could do traffic school and I thought If I go to court and lose, I wouldn’t be able to do traffic school anymore. But not true, many people asked for traffic school right in front of me and were granted by the judge.


So I did spend a few days preparing my battle. I also noticed that there really isn’t a whole lot of sites online that teach you how to fight your speeding ticket. Yes, I found a few but with limited information. So guess what, I put it into my project backlog, I’m going to build a site to help you fight your tickets, site that teaches you all the ins and outs of the law. So in a way I guess, the officer did me a favor and I thank him for that. I’m going to make it easier for many others to go fight their ticket instead of just doing traffic school.

So how did I win? Well, I got lucky, the officer didn’t show up and judge dismissed the case. But I wasn’t alone, I’d say around 50-70% of the cases were dismissed because of officers weren’t present.

But either way, I was prepared. I was prepared to attack the officer anyway I could, I would attack his training, his ability to pace, his vision anything else I could think of. Of course, everything within the law.

But I was surprised, I’d say 99% of the people there didn’t come prepared, almost no one tried to do an actual trial. No one, asked the right questions. People are really uneducated when it comes to this and I’m hoping the site I build will have easy steps to fallow and pre-written questions to ask.


So anyway, I started looking to find a good domain for it. But what’s up with traffic and ticket related domains? Not only most are unavailable, very few of them are for sale and the ones that are for sale, don’t have buy it now price. Most of the domains I buy must have a price tag, else I don’t bother with the offers. I think a lot of buyers these days feel the same way.


I wanted to get like or or something similar. They all are gone, even other tlds are gone.


If you can think of a great domain for this that’s available, let me know. Most likely, I wouldn’t buy right now as I don’t know when I’ll get to work on this but if it was hand-reg, I’d get it.


I hope you guys are having a great weekend.