A lot of guys hate Valentine’s Day and I don’t blame them. But with kidding aside, you should really dedicate a few days of the year to your loved one and Valentine’s Day is one of those days. Trouble is that a lot of guys (including me) don’t plan ahead.

So here I was on the evening of Valentine’s Day, trying to find a place to go that would be special, AND have open spots for reservations. (I hope my girlfriend isn’t reading this, lol)

I was lucky, I found a spot that didn’t accept reservations, and it was first come first serve type of restaurant, that’s my type of place, lol. But the bottom line is that we had a great time and that’s what counts.

To all the girls out there, go easy on your guy, not sure why, but our brains don’t work the same way, lol.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day, and it truly is great to have someone to love and be loved. Valentine’s Day does remind us how important love is in our lives.

While searching for restaurants and open reservations, I came across to OpenTable.com. Many restaurants (at least in LA) use OpenTable for online reservations. While, I probably have seen that before, I had never used it before.

Seems like, they’ve been around since 1998. I just think that it’s a great idea. I would encourage them to work on expending and including all restaurants into their system. I am not sure exactly how it works in the backend but I can imagine that it’s not that simple as it would have to integrate well with restaurant reservation systems.

Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day and I hope everyone had a great time.