Here is an article that you might want to bookmark as the idea may still work today. I had over 1 million unique pages indexed on google with zero advertising or any kind of link building and no real articles. As you can imagine, traffic was skyrocketing.  Oh and it would work with any crappy domain name.

In my early days of domainer/developer career, I was focused on getting organic traffic and lots of it. I didn’t care about usability or actual value to the visitor/user. I just wanted the traffic and no parking company would ever be able to give me kind of traffic that I wanted.

So what do you need to get organic traffic? You need unique content and lots of it. Everyone knows that right?

I thought about this a lot, how can I create unique content without spending the time/money. I’m talking about thousands/millions of pages. So what is content? It’s paragraphs of text and what’s a paragraph made of? Well it’s made of bunch of words. Ok, so we’re getting closer. So what’s a word made of? Well, it’s made of letters and we only have 26 of them in English. Starting to guess?

You guessed it, I created a word generator and I’m not talking about dictionary words. I created an algorithm that would take start word and end word and give me all the words in between.


If start word is “aaa” and end word is “aaaa”, how many words do you think are in between? Well, a lot, it’s going to go like this: aaa, aab, aac…….. zzz and then finally, “aaaa”.

What if, I used longer words? Well yes, it would generate millions of words which would make thousands or millions of pages. Believe it or not, this algorithm took a quite a bit of time to get it right.

So these words have no meaning, why would I get the traffic? Well, a lot of people mistype stuff; or they have nothing better to do or some words actually mean something in other languages.

So I create a site that was simply meant to be a domain finder for the user and it’s still live:

You’ll get a better idea when you browse the site. It actually has the ability to create endless pages.

So what happened? Well, I created the site and submitted it to the search engines and did nothing else. Guess what, after a few months, I was getting a lot of traffic, I mean thousands of unique visits and I wasn’t ready for it. I didn’t plan on monetizing the traffic and I know I couldn’t use adsense as it was against TOS. So it didn’t make any money and after a few months, google removed the site from its index complaining that it had unusual amount of pages or something like that.

So would this even work today? I think so, but I wouldn’t use it on the good domains. But imagine you could park all the crappy domains you have? I mean those that you know you’re going to drop anyway and let them make some money.

So yes, I had an idea of creating such parking company at some point.

Part of the reason that I’m writing this article is that I’m looking for ideas or partners as to how this technology could be leveraged.  I spent a lot of time on the technology and hate to see it just seating there and do nothing. And the beauty of the this system is that you can dedicate a range of words per site so each site has unique content and maybe limit it to a few thousand pages.

I had a few ideas for it:

  1. Package it up and sell it as a script so any domainer could use it on their own, and use their own techniques to monetize the traffic.
  2. Create a parking company, improve usability for the visitor and maybe partner with Google Adsense. I know I can’t do this alone; I’d need a partner with budget/connections to do this.
  3. Keep it to myself and play with some new ideas – yes, I know you guys would hate this :)
  4. Anything else?


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