I just sold a domain for the second time and for around 10x more, don’t you hate that? I had listed a domain on Afternic and had forgotten about it. It had a buy it now price of mid $x,xxx range and just got a notice that it was sold.

The trouble is that I had already sold the domain at a whole sale price of around $xxx  a couple of weeks ago. Well, I did what I’m sure most of you would have tried to do, I tried to buy it back, so I can sell it to the new buyer.

But the unfortunate answer was that it’s not for sale. At this point, I had to tell the guys at Afternic and haven’t heard back yet. Has this happened to you?

By the way, I used ValueDrops.com to hand register this domain. So those who think all the gold is in backorders/auctions, think again. I will post an update to this post with the domain name once I figure out how this is resolved.

I am down to a couple of hundred domains and still find it hard to manage them as far as where they are pointed, which marketplaces they are listed, which ones are sold, etc. I wander how you guys do it with much larger portfolios?

I had to let a lot of domains drop as they no longer were in my quality range. But I still see some of them being listed in marketplaces, I have to go one by one and delete them from the domain auctions and marketplaces.


While I understand that this is part of the business and it’s tedious work that you have to do, why can’t the marketplaces automate this process. Maybe automatically flag a domain if dns/owner info changes. Coming from a developer, I can tell you that this isn’t something hard to implement and with all the money they are making, I would expect them to have this. This would avoid such awkward situations where you sell a domain for the second time.


Of course you may already know what happens when I am forced to do manual work? Well, I’d have to create a  tool for it. And if I get a huge buy-in for such a tool or script, I may give it a higher priority. So if you have a few thousand domains, I want to hear how you’re managing them?


It’s not just the selling process, it’s the whole nine yards. You’d have to go to each marketplace, list them/remove them. What happens when you want to change a price, again, you have to go through each and update your listing. And how do you manage your overall portfolio, which domains had offers, which are making money etc. Yes, I know, a lot of you are using Excel, but that is just silly.


But again, I can’t imagine myself doing so much manual work and let’s face it, you can’t outsource portfolio management. You have to be on top of it.


I do think that domain marketplaces and auctions are becoming more popular even with end users and you should list every single domain you have with all of them.


I have plans to tremendously increase my portfolio size in 2012, but I do have to either find a good way to manage all these domains or have to build a tool to automate this.